13. Februar 2023

El Salvador’s Bitcoin Boom: IMF Warns of Risks to Address

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•The International Monetary Fund (IMF) recently issued a final report on El Salvador’s economy, recommending the government address potential risks associated with Bitcoin adoption.
•El Salvador has been steadily investing in Bitcoin, leading to increased economic growth of 2.8% in 2022.
•Bitcoin prices have recovered from its three-week low and are now approaching $22,000 as whale investors take advantage of the dip.

IMF Calls For Addressing of Risks

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) issued a final report on the economy of El Salvador on February 10, 2023. From January 30th to February 8th, the IMF conducted an Article IV consultation with the government of El Salvador and warned that „risks should be addressed“ as it relates to bitcoin adoption. The government has been consistently investing in bitcoin and adding to its national wealth. The agency stressed the need of having more information on the government’s bitcoin transactions and the financial health of the state-owned bitcoin wallet, Chivo.

Economy Increased Strongly in 2022

The IMF reports that despite unfavorable economic shocks, the Salvadoran economy increased strongly in 2022 with growth hitting 2.8%. The IMF claims that due to rising economic risks, access to foreign financial markets for El Salvador remained restricted throughout 2022.

Bitcoin Prices Approaching $22K

Over the weekend, Bitcoin climbed closer to $22,000 as traders and experts warned against too pessimistic emotions in the crypto market. According to on-chain analytics platform Material Indicators, opportunistic whales pounced on Bitcoin after its price reached a three-week low the previous week.

Government’s Bitcoin Acquisitions Need More Openness

The IMF now believes that most threats foreseen by them in 2021 have been averted but calls for more openness around government’s bitcoin acquisitions and counterparties‘ concerns regarding these investments need to be addressed before any risks can arise from them.


El Salvador continues to invest heavily into Bitcoin while maintaining consistent economic growth despite unfavorable conditions worldwide – showing great promise for further adoption elsewhere globally . However , more transparency is needed so potential risks can be effectively addressed .

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